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Welcome message from your CUA 2018 President

Dear Friends,

It’s truly an honour for me to be helping plan the 2018 CUA Annual Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Scientific Committee, led by Ashley Cox and Nicholas Power, and Local Organizing Committee, led by Peter and Karen Anderson, have an exciting mix of East coast hospitality, food, and entertainment intertwined with state-of-the-art lectures, podium presentations and posters, take-home messages, and contests with opportunities to connect with old and new colleagues alike.

The central scientific theme is evolving therapies and the future of urology practice. The meeting will explore how competency-based training, new technologies, and a medical environment with scarce resources can be tweaked in the coming years towards optimal patient care.

The CUA is really a special medical meeting, with its own unique culture and focus. It provides Canadian urologists with a chance to showcase their work, see what others are doing, exchange ideas, and meet face to face with key world opinion leaders in urology, while still having fun with friends and colleagues.

East coast meetings have always had their own special appeal. It might be the whales or the lobsters or the people, or simply the wonderful hospitality, but attendees are always more relaxed; conversations often tend often to focus on topics other than urological concerns when we get together on the East coast!

The activities slated include a fabulous Fun Night at Pier 21, an East coast lobster dinner at the nearby Cunard Centre, followed by dancing until the sun rises. The Marriott Harbourfront will serve as our headquarters and has a great reputation for service excellence.

Don’t miss the CUA 73rd Annual Meeting in Halifax 2018. I hope to see you there!

Gerald Brock, President, CUA 2018

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