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Please read the guidelines carefully that pertain to your type of presentation. To view the status of your presentation please log into the meeting management site and go to "My Lectures":

Podium Presenters:

 Click here to download the AV guidelines

Moderated Poster Presenters:

 Moderated Poster Presenters have two sets of instructions: AV guidelines and Printer Poster guidelines. Please read both!

Unmoderated Poster Presenters:

 Click here to download the poster set up guidelines


 Click here for a template for your disclosures to either insert in your PowerPoint or print on/next to your poster.


If you have any questions please direct them to the abstract manager, Jennifer Patterson, jennifer (@)

Late Breaking Abstract Submission from March 9 - April 1!

With a great year in abstract submissions and the very high quality in the submissions, our program has filled up very quickly! We do have a few spots left for abstracts with ground-breaking and unique data that would not otherwise have been presented at the Annual Meeting. Late breaking abstracts will be considered for oral and poster presentation. Abstracts will be judged solely on the data submitted, through a formal peer review evaluation by the Scientific Committee. Please submit by April 1 through the online submission form: You will be able to submit starting March 9. 


*Please read the following guidelines carefully in order to successfully use the system.

Step 1: Before submitting your abstract, collect disclosures from your authors

It is the responsibility of the submitting author to fill in the disclosures of each individual author of your abstract.

Please see section C, below, for what information you need to collect. The system will ask you to input this information once you get to the authors section of the abstract submission; you will not be able to submit successfully until all areas are complete. The good news is that this information will also be updated in your membership profile (after January 16).

Step 2: Login to the system

CUA Members: You will receive an email from the CUA with your username and password. Your profile will automatically be filled in for you.

Non-members: Please create a new profile. Make sure to fill in your disclosures, so you will not have to re-input them in the abstract submission process.

Step 3: Submit your abstract

Managing your abstracts has been improved! You can manage all of your submissions in one place. You can also clone your abstract if you have multiple abstracts with similar co-authors and affiliations, to reduce submission times and improve accuracy.

Please note, once registration opens in March 2016, you will also be able to manage your registration through this profile in a few easy steps.

A. Submission Terms

  1. Abstracts must be written and presented in English.
  2. Submitted abstracts undergo a blind review by peer reviewers based on scientific merit and originality.
  3. While abstracts may be submitted as podium, moderated poster, or unmoderated poster presentation types, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign final presentation type in the best interest of the program.
  4. Multiple abstracts by the same authors based on the same study population or data will be disqualified without further consideration.
  5. The work covered by the abstract must not have been published as a manuscript before January 16, 2016 or previously presented before the CUA 2016 Annual Meeting on June 25-28, 2016.

B. Abstract Format

  • Title: The title should clearly define the topic and contain no abbreviations. There is a character limit of 200 characters. Sentence case should be used.
  • Body: The size of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters including spaces (or approx. 400 words). This includes body of abstract, references and graphics.
  • The body must contain 4 separate paragraphs: a) Introduction and Objectives; b) Methods; c) Results; and d) Conclusions. The abstract should be informative and detailed.
  • References: The references will now count in the abstract body. If you choose to use references please put the citation within the abstract.
    Example: (Jones et al, Neuropath Appl Neurobiol 1995; 21:123)
  • To insert an image or table or graph, it must be inserted as a JPG and it must be atleast 300 dpi or else it cannot be reproduced in the CUAJ. You can also insert a table using the table function in the abstract body, if you cannot save it as a JPG and 300 dpi.
  • Authors: Take care to list ALL authors in the relevant section of the submission site. Spell out completely the names of all authors using full first and last names. Maintain consistency in author names on multiple abstracts to avoid duplication in the Author Index.
  • Presenting Author: If the author(s) of the abstract is an employee(s) of, or has a financial relationship with, the commercial interest, which controls the content of the presentation, then he/she cannot be the presenting author. However, investigators responsible for research and development are permitted to present as long as they resolve their Conflict of Interest (COI) and as long as they are not employees of the commercial interest. In all printed publications the presenting author will be underlined.
  • In regards to production deadlines, as of April 30, 2016, all presenting authors must be registered and paid to keep their abstract in the program. Any changes to the presenting author will not be reflected in the Abstract Book after this date. 
  • It is NOT acceptable to state that "The results will be discussed." Inclusion of specific data is necessary for reviewers.
  • Indicate the major new findings of the study.
  • Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: on first use, spell out the full term and follow with abbreviation in parentheses.
  • Use generic names of drugs.
  • Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement: This is required for each individual author. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to collect this information for the authors that are not members of the CUA. If your author is a member of the CUA we will already have it on file.
  • Topic List: Authors must select an abstract topic (only one) from the provided list.
    • Bladder Cancer
    • BPH
    • Computers: Advances in Technology
    • Congenital Anomalies of Genitalia
    • Congenital Lower Tract Anomalies
    • Congenital Upper Tract Anomalies
    • Diseases of Retroperitoneum
    • Endourology
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • GU Trauma
    • Improving Patient Relations/Communications
    • Infertility
    • Laparoscopy
    • Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction
    • Maintenance of Certification Program
    • Male/Female Pelvic Pain
    • Medicolegal Issues
    • Neonatal Urologic Emergencies
    • Neurogenic Bladder
    • Office & Time Management
    • Penile Carcinoma
    • Penile/Urethral Surgery
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Renal Transplantation
    • Renal Tumours
    • Renovascular Hypertension
    • Robotic Surgery
    • STDs
    • Stone Disease
    • Testes Carcinoma
    • Urethral Carcinoma
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Urinary Tract Infections
    • Urothelial Tumours
    • Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery
    • Voiding Dysfunction
    • Miscellaneous/Other

C. Conflict of Interest Disclosures for Co-authors

Prior to submitting an abstract the submitter must collect the following information from all his co-authors: 

Q1. (Yes or No) I have/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a pharmaceutical, medical device or communications organization. Complete the section below as it applies to you during the past two calendar years. Please indicate the commercial organization(s) with which you have/had affiliations, and briefly explain what connection you have/had with the organization. You must disclose this information to your audience.

Q2. If Q1 is yes then list all the activities over the past years for each of the following items AND if the activity is concluded or ongoing.

  1. I am a Member of an Advisory Board or equivalent with a commercial organization
  2. I am a member of a Speakers bureau
  3. Received payment from a commercial organization (including gifts or other consideration or ‘in kind’ compensation) 
  4. Grant(s) or an honorarium from a commercial organization.
  5. I hold a patent for a product referred to in the CME/CPD program or that is marketed by a commercial organization.
  6. I hold investments in a pharmaceutical organization, medical devices company or communications firm.
  7. I am currently participating in or have participated in a clinical trial within the past two years.


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